Become a Patient

THCMC’s physician’s require documentation of one or more condition(s) on recent medical records. These conditions must meet the state’s medical marijuana authorization eligibility requirements. You may choose to contact your physician directly and acquire them on your own, or your medical records may be faxed or mailed to THCMC.


*Please note: When requesting your medical records from your doctor you may tell them that we only need documentation of the condition pertaining to your eligibility, not your entire medical history. Medical histories can be rather lengthy and alongside our homeopathic remedy belief comes a fondness for trees and we do not wish to harm any more than required to determine your eligibility.


The Appointment


Upon arrival to The Healing Center Medical Clinic, both new and returning patients can expect to fill out a form regarding their most recent medical history. For returning patients this form may be rather quick to fill out, for new patients you can expect your form to be several pages long.

After completion of the intake paperwork, you will meet with one of our staff members who will answer any last minute questions that you may have before your non-invasive examination. You will then meet with our Medical Doctor (specializing in medicinal cannabis) who will review your condition, come to a conclusion pertaining to your eligibility and fill out the necessary forms. THCMC must make copies of all necessary information regarding your medical condition(s) and state permit forms. Once we have the necessary documentation for our files you will be ready to send your application to the state of Alaska to be processed. You should receive your card back within 35 days as per Alaska state law.


Please call our office at (907) 717-9966 for further information or schedule an appointment.